Former Navy SEAL Ray Care

Ray Care: Selection

For an elite level of health, choose guidance from an elite warrior.

Ray Care truly needs no introduction. He's a celebrity of a sort. Yes, in addition to being featured in major motion pictures (Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks for one), Ray hosted the BBC smash hit, "Ultimate Hellweek," and "Modern Shooter." As a lead gear tester for "Warrior TV," he was a featured guest on "Wake Up with Al."  Ray currently is an instructor on The History Channel's new hit series, "The Selection: Special Operations Experiment." He is the real deal.

"Cash" served our nation for 10 years in the SEAL teams. While an accomplished firearms instructor for Glock and professsional combative instructor, Ray dedicates a significant amount of his time to motivational speaking, portraying what he calls the "SEAL mindset." From high school to the professional level, Ray's talent knows no boundaries. He is a motivational speaker for troubled youth as well.


But that's not all (as if that's not enough). Ray is an accomplished strength and endurance athlete. In addition to surviving the SEAL training course (BUD/S) placing him amongst the nation's elite, he is a former winner of the "Ultimate Soldier Challenge." FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION for Ray. This attitude he brings to you, as your coach. Ray is a highly qualified physical trainer and an expert in nutrition. Clients have literally shed thousands of pounds under his guidance! He has bettered the lives of many.

After all, that's what you're here for, right? You are looking for "better," for "optimal" health. And it takes committment! And that's not easy. In fact, lack thereof is unquestionably the major cause of failed attainment of health-related goals. It's certainly not for lack of health information. Take a look around you. Medical knowledge abounds. Enter former Navy SEAL Ray Care. HE WILL REINFORCE THAT FRONT SITE FOCUS THAT MAY BE LACKING AND KEEP YOU FOCUSED ON THE TARGET: YOUR HEALTH.

Ray and Dr. Osborn are ACCESSIBLE TO YOU RIGHT NOW in a unique, open forum, secret Facebook group entitled F.R.O.G., an acronym for "Forever Reaching One's Goals." On the page, you will find information about strength training, mindset, nutrition, stress reduction techniques and supplements. You ask the questions... we provide the answers! Two pedigreed experts with 40+ years of combined health and fitness experience. Where else are you going to find exclusive access to a former Navy SEAL and brain surgeon? That's a rhetorical question, of course...