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Serious Glucose Tracking

Mar 11 | 2018

For years I have been talking about the importance of blood sugar control in the context of age-related disease. I spend hours speaking about it in my lectures and even more time counseling patients in clinic about the dangers of elevated blood sugar. Chronically elevated blood sugar accelerates the aging process and predisposes you to a whole host of diseases: cancer, diabetes, hardening of the a...

Sugar is the Enemy

Aug 14 | 2017

butter your steak AND EAT IT TOO I didn’t misspeak. Adding fat to your meal is not only acceptable but also healthy, provided carbohydrate load is low and inclusive only of the low glycemic index variety. The burger patty is fine but not the fries. Why? I’ll explain. Firstly, think not of calories and only about macronutrients. If you are consuming adequate fat during the day (as part of a macronu...

You Are What You Eat: Macronutrients 101

Jun 25 | 2017

This age-old adage should truly be changed to, “You are what you burn,” because those of us who preferentially burn fat as opposed to sugar, metabolically speaking, are not only going to be leaner but healthier, longer. So how does one accomplish this? It’s easier than you think and works one hundred percent of the time. Why? The science never fails. Your body rigorously adheres to certain physiol...

"Cardio" or not?

Mar 8 | 2017

NOT. It's a misnomer.  “Cardio” is a four-letter word as is “aerobics,” the exercise trend popularized in the 70’s. It mortifies me to think that people are spending hours on end in gyms, immersed in “cardio,” spinning their wheels on stationary bikes, under the assumption that they are one, training their hearts (ergo the name, “cardio”) and two, shedding fat off their waistlines. How could all o...

"Diet:" How I Do It

Jan 24 | 2017

Firstly, there is no such thing as a “diet.” Proper nutrition is a lifelong endeavor. We’re not talking about a transient weight loss in preparation for the prom. My prescribed “diet” is not based on a proprietary system or universal guidelines. It is based on science, on data, data extracted from you during your office visit. Here’s the great thing: it works every time, with 100% certainty, provi...

Top 10 Fat-Shedding Tips

Jan 19 | 2017

1. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Restated, breakfast should be the heaviest meal and dinner, the lightest. Remember, your metabolic rate is at its highest during the day and at its lowest in the evening (and during sleep). Match your metabolic rate therefore with your meal size. 2. Be sure to eat a protein with every meal. Protein preserves your hard-earn...