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"Keto" AND Intermittent Fasting?

Jan 15 | 2017

Let’s talk intermittent fasting (IF) for a second and then discuss the interplay between both of these entities. Intermittent fasting, a variation of Ori Hofmekler’s Warrior Diet, popularized more than 20 years ago (despite claims that it is actually “new science”) is founded on once or twice daily feedings punctuated by long periods of fasting (18 hours daily or thereabouts). This is thought to e...

Strength Training & the Ketogenic Diet?

Jan 14 | 2017

In my practice, I do not recommend a classic ketogenic diet, as there tends to be muscle loss in the context of the low insulin signal. Remember, insulin is a very potent anabolic hormone and in its absence, bodily tissues are broken down or catabolized, fat and muscle alike. Yet muscle is the tissue that you desperately want to spare! Why? Aesthetics aside, muscle mass confers resistance against...

5 Biggest Mistakes When Going "Keto"

Jan 9 | 2017

The ketogenic diet can be treacherous, at least during the induction phase. Why? Simple. You are essentially “forcing” your body to use an alternate energy source, namely ketones, which are the metabolic by-products of fatty acid breakdown. This is accomplished by dropping daily carbohydrate load significantly in order to ultimately deplete liver glycogen stores, the “on-switch” for ketogenesis. T...

Can a Ketogenic Diet Can Work for You?

Dec 25 | 2016

KETOGENIC DIETS work for everyone, period. After all, from a physiologic standpoint, we are all the same! That said, if you’re looking to shed fat fast (and many are), a ketogenic diet might be your best bet. But not so fast, there are several things you must consider before hopping onto the keto-bandwagon. “Keto” is the craze nowadays, akin to “Paleo” several years ago. Truth be told, both diets...

Life Extension... in a packet?

Feb 9 | 2016

I’ve recently become fascinated by the effects of ketones on the body. Ketones are an alternate source of energy, you know, what your body runs on during the Atkins’ diet or during the starved state. Think of a hibernating bear devoid of food. So called “ketone bodies” do not generate an insulin response and serve to suppress hunger. Oral ketones are a great addition to any weight loss regimen in...

Read Between the Lines

Oct 25 | 2015

It is well established that diabetics have an increased incidence of cancer.  Speculatively, this was attributed to the heightened levels of bodily inflammation in this ever-expanding (literally) subgroup of the population.  Yes, the incidence of diabetes is skyrocketing.  Drafting closely behind is that of age-related disease, in particular cancer.  True we’re living lon...