Mind & Body


May 20 | 2018

I have a question. "Are you spending countless hours scouring the internet for health-related information, information on strength training, nutrition, supplementation, you know the deal?” Well here’s the problem. There are very few reliable, pedigreed sources of information out there. And that’s where we come in. Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care of the History Channel’s, The Selection and the mov...

A Bulletproof Metabolism

May 14 | 2018

On occasion, I’ll have patients return to my clinic claiming, “The protocol didn’t work.” It always makes me laugh because unbeknownst to them they are suggesting that science has failed them. A closer look, however, reveals something a bit more sinister. And it has nothing to do with science. Instead, it has to do with people. The Science Works Every Time. How many times have you met someone on a...

Longevity. Simplified.

May 1 | 2018

Everyone is searching for that elusive elixir of longevity, the fountain of youth if you will. What they don’t realize, however, is that not only is the answer right in front of them, but it is also extremely inexpensive. There is no magic pill, at least not yet, nor is there a technology that rights all of our metabolic glitches, attacks our genetic mutations and rejuvenates our physiology like t...

Burn Fat and Do It Fast

Apr 28 | 2018

How many times have you heard this one? “He has a fast metabolism, and that’s why he’s thin,” as if a “fast metabolism” is some sort of elusive genetic endowment. Truth be told, you are lesser a product of your genes than you may believe. Sure there are predispositions to a particular body type, endo, ecto and meso-morph, but despite these, you can make appreciable changes to your physique by opti...

Prolon: The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Mar 11 | 2018

Fasting has pervaded cultures for millennia. Why? Well, it was not some sort of cruel and unusual punishment inflicted upon the masses by a shaman. And although its integration and practice were deeply tied to religion, likely it was by virtue of its salubrious benefits that fasting “stuck.” People just felt better when they fasted. And there are reasons for this. Firstly, in the fasted state, bec...

How Old are You, Really?

Sep 22 | 2017

Mainstream medicine is very short sighted. Historically, doctors have been taught to wait until disease arises and then hurriedly treat it. Think about heart attack victims. I bet you know someone who has had a heart attack? Do you think their arteries became clogged overnight? Of course not.  He or she had risk factors, identifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease that could have been te...