Mind & Body

How many sit-ups do I do a day?

Dec 30 | 2014

Not a clinic day goes by without a patient asking me how many sit-ups I do in the context of the cover shot of Get Serious. My answer, “Few, if any.”  I quickly re-route the discussion to better address the topic at hand: low back pain (a very common presenting complaint). Why? Because the two are interrelated. Closely interrelated. The stronger your abdominal wall, the lesser chance you have of d...

A Strong Mind Begets a Stronger Body

Oct 20 | 2014

A primary underpinning of Get Serious is one’s ability to assume control of his or her health. In fact, no one else has that specific ability. Not your doctor (despite the paradigm shift to a socialized healthcare system), nor a corporation (as touted in the Six Million Dollar Man theme song). You and you alone possess the capability to maintain your health, prevent disease and reach heightened le...

10 Tips for Brain Health

Sep 25 | 2014

Here are my top ten tips for better brain health: Learn new skills. Brain stimulation and activity can delay the onset of the neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia. The acquisition of a new skill, both mental and physical promotes neurogenesis or the formation of new neurons and forges intra-neuronal connections. Flex you “mental muscle” daily. Strength train 2-3 times/week. Stre...

You’ve Got Bad Genes and Pitbulls are Vicious

Aug 31 | 2014

A main premise of Get Serious is one’s ability to assume control of his or her health. This is despite the widely accepted notion that disease has its roots within one’s genes. Doctors have promulgated this myth for decades in fact, ever since Watson and Crick discovered the “blameworthy” double helix. Ah, a scapegoat! It’s not your fault. You’re obese and have insulin resistance (a precursor to a...

Heavy rucksack walks will knock the grin right off your face

Jun 21 | 2014

We as humans have evolved by virtue of our adaptive response to environmental stimuli. Such environmental “pressures” have induced genetic changes which phenotypically are manifested as enlarged forebrains, for example. Functionally, by virtue of this, we are capable of higher level cognitive processing relative to our predecessors. Such genetic changes occur over eons however. Properly-dosed exer...

Forget Not Your Squats... A Reminder

Jun 14 | 2014

Page 49 of Get Serious: “Your training progress will be suboptimal should squats be excluded from your regimen. So don’t even think about it. And no, you cannot exchange leg extensions for squats.” Here’s why. And I cite the same page of my recently released book. “Heavy squats generate a robust hormonal response as numerous muscular structures are traumatized during the movement.” Need proof? Che...