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Your Options Anti-Aging Medicine
Take matters into your own hands with a MULTITUDE OF PACKAGES, CUSTOMIZED TO YOU. It's medicine, your way.

1. Anti-Aging Package

IDENTIFY disease risk factors such as bodily inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance. Body fat percentage (and lean body mass) will be determined as well. 2 hours in length, the Anti-Aging package includes the following services:

  • Physical examination
  • Body anthropometry
  • Detailed laboratory analysis

In addition, you will undergo in-depth assessments of the cardiovascular system (Statistically speaking, you’re likely to die a vascular death, right?) and brain.


  • Vascular Assessment
    • Carotid artery screen (ultrasound)
    • Echocardiogram
    • Aortic diameter (aneurysm survey)
    • Femoral artery atherosclerotic burden and flow
  • Cognitive screen
  • Customized nutrition plan formulation

NOTE: Out-of-state patients in the Anti-Aging program are mandated to follow-up with Dr. Osborn in person at least yearly for a physical examination. Every 12 months (at a minimum), patients will undergo repeat screenings (laboratory analysis and if opted for, vascular & cognitive assessments).

2. Elite Package                        

Includes the Anti-Aging package  (above), state-of-the-art truSculpt 3D session (1 hour), four crucial nutritional supplements and a hard copy of Dr. Osborn's book Get Serious. If you're looking to  MELT FAT OFF YOUR BODY and GET HEALTHY without starvation diets or heroic exercise protocols, this program is for you! Best of all, it's easier than you may think...


** BOTH  of the above programs are based on "Metabolic Conditioning" or more simply put, the conversion of your metabolism to one preferring fat as opposed to sugar as its primary fuel source. In fact, your body loves deriving energy from fat; it's written into your genes! To boot, metabolic optimization confers protection from dreadful age-related diseases such as type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Why? Because all three of these lethal diseases have common underpinnings, things we've spoken about elsewhere on this site: insulin resistance (IR), oxidative stress and rampant bodily inflammation. And guess what? They're ALL associated with metabolic slowdown/dysregulation and obesity.


So what are you waiting for? Get serious today and Start the Process Now.