"De-stress" with IV Therapies

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Sometimes, life can take its toll on you. Familial, financial and physical stresses cumulatively can evoke a whole host of systemic responses, compromising your immune system. The next thing you know…  You’re sick.

Stress assumes many forms.

There is the physical stress associated with exercise, environmental stress derived from pesticide-laden food (toxins) and psychological stress often times associated with work or interpersonal relationships to name a few. Stress is everywhere; we are continually bombarded with stressors every day of our lives.

Just the word “stress” conjures up negative images, doesn’t it. It has a bad connotation. And rightfully so. Stress kills, plain and simple. And it takes its toll surreptitiously. Stress can’t be measured directly.  There are no specific lab tests for it. Doctors can’t order a blood “stress level.” We see only the effects of its wrath: accelerated aging and predisposition to age-related disease (statistically what is most likely to kill you, remember?)

Skeptical? See for yourself then. Have a look at the skin or the physique of an avid marathon runner. Aged. Physically aged. Why? Because long distance running stimulates massive free radical release that decimates bodily tissue, stealing electrons from vital cellular structures akin to a thief pillaging a bank of its holdings. In addition, the induced sarcopenia (muscle loss) compromises one’s immune system. The stronger live longer, right? Cumulatively, the assumed stresses of chronic long distance running are simply not worth the assumed benefits. Strive to minimize stress instead of burden yourself with more!

In addition to obtaining exercising regularly, obtaining adequate sleep, eating properly, and supplementing aggressively, you could also opt for a variety of IV hydration therapies. Formulated on a per-patient basis, our IV therapies are pharmaceutical-grade. We offer a variety of infusion treatments to correct nutritional deficiencies, augment the immune system and facilitate recovery from surgery, sporting events or a night out on the town.

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Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve serum concentrations not obtainable with oral, or even intramuscular (IM), administration. Such elevated concentrations of anti-oxidants and biochemical co-factors are thought to provide a more robust effect.  And you thought you felt great on a daily multivitamin…

Vitamin Infusion

Feeling tired? The standard “Myer’s Cocktail” has been utilized to treat a myriad on conditions inclusive of fatigue, depression, allergies and migraine headaches.  Patients also opt for this infusion of B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium as preventative therapy.  Meyer’s Cocktail may be given as an IV infusion (45 minutes) or as a “push” for the sake of time; the choice is yours.

Sports Infusion (pre-competition or preoperative)

This high-powered vitamin-based infusion includes DOUBLE the dosage of vitamin C provided in the Myer’s cocktail plus other essential minerals such as zinc and selenium. The included amino acids also help the body to respond to the upcoming stressor (surgery or an athletic event). Infusion time:  60 minutes. Ideally, all surgical patients should undergo a pre and postoperative infusion treatment to bolster the immune response to surgery and improve wound healing.

Recovery Infusion (post-competition or postoperative)

All of Dr. Osborn’s surgical patients receive IV vitamins and minerals during their hospital stay. The Recovery Infusion is an amplified version of that administered in the hospital. Similar to the Sports Infusion, Recovery includes a higher concentration of amino acids and the body’s most powerful anti-oxidant, glutathione for detoxification purposes. Return to your normal life sooner with Recovery Infusion. Infusion time: 60-75 minutes.  


  • Contact the office at (561) 935-9233 to schedule an appointment. 

    Remember, IV infusions are patient-specific and are custom-formulated in a compounding pharmacy under sterile conditions. For this reason, please schedule your appointment at least 48 hours in advance. Upon your initial contact, we will ask some basic questions about your medical history. This is to minimize any potential reaction to the infusion.

  • Want more than one infusion? No problem. Just ask. Some opt for scheduled bi-monthly injections. You change your oil every 5,000 miles, right?  Well…

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